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Cloud Computing 101 – What you need to know

It's pretty hard these days to be in IT and not be inundated with the word "The Cloud." It's in all of the trade and business magazines, all over Twitter, Facebook and will most likely be the most popular theme at any trade show or seminar you attend. We all want to understand the concept…
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Timematters and the remote workplace

Most firms with branch offices intending to deploy Timematters as their primary practice management software have always made the mistake of starting with separate database, I say mistake because sooner or later, the need to combine database and point of operations will arise. Most of our clients eventually get to that point where separate LAN,…
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An Arizona summer experience for the Iphone 4

Another hot day in Phoenix Arizona, 110F with humidity (from the “tiny” rain the previous day). It takes an average of 10 minutes for my body to realize that I am actually in an air conditioned car. This is with starting the car remotely and waiting 5 minutes before practically sprinting inside. Yeah, my A/C…
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