Disaster Recovery

Get the best out of you existing IT infrastructure.

Information technology today is a critical function in many organizations. page4-img1Yet, in many companies, IT systems and processes are poorly aligned with it's goals and objectives.

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Prompt response to all your IT emergencies.

With our remote support, We are able to stay on top of things and resolve issues before they escalate into bigger problems.


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Data Protection/Disaster Recovery

How Can We Help?
How confident are you in your company's ability to restore critical data? Do you store a replica of your company's data iin an offsite location? Is your data easily accessible at all times? Do you have experienced technicians readily available to restore data? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

At Bitfield Systems, we strive to keep your data safe. Without it, we know that your company's productivity stops. Making sure that you have quick access to the most current information is critical to the success of your business. Let Bitfield Systems help you implement a safe and secure data protection solution without sacrificing accessibility.

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Like many companies, you may not have thought about disaster recovery until an employee accidently deletes a file or after you encountere data loss due to unexpected power outage/surge. Bitield Systems can help! Our Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to provide fast and effective recovery to mitigate the risks associated with a variety of disaster scenarios.We will create a solution to protect all your corporate data assets, eliminating the need to utilize a manual tape process. We develop backup and disaster recovery systems for all size companies – for those with less than one gigabyte of data to companies with thousands of gigabytes of data. Our solutions will be customized for your business, whether you have a single location or multiple locations and systems. There are also solutions for businesses that require mobile users to synchronize data when connecting remotely.

Onsite or/and Offsite Data Storage

Depending on your business data retention requirements, you may opt for either Onsite or Offsite data storage or both. The challenge is that each of these methods present their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Bitfield Systems will develop a solution;comprising of both, that will give you the quick, easy backup and fast recovery of an on-site backup plus the automated offsite storage of critical redundant data with offsite backup, while striving to minimize bandwidth usage.


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