Network Support

Get the best out of you existing IT infrastructure.

Information technology today is a critical function in many organizations. page4-img1Yet, in many companies, IT systems and processes are poorly aligned with it's goals and objectives.

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With our remote support, We are able to stay on top of things and resolve issues before they escalate into bigger problems.


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Network Support

How Can We Help?

A typical office network consists of the Workstations used by you and your employees and one or more Servers to control the network, manage your presence on the Web, manage you e-mail and internal file-sharing, and to store your mission-critical data.

Let us help you determine the best network deployment and configuration options to meet the needs of your business. Our network design service ensures that your network operates with maximum efficiency and is the most cost-effective way to connect your computers with each other and the world.We strive to make changes as seamless for you and your staff as possible by scheduling updates after hours or at times that you determine are convenient as much as we can

Our experienced Network Architects can design your network topology, network protocol and network architecture best suited to your organization. Our Network Design will take into consideration your unique network needs and requirements. The network design will provide for fault tolerance and redundancy (via clustering, mirroring or other techniques), so data lost will be prevented in the event of a network failure.

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Network Security

Securing your network reduces the possibility of network downtime due to Security Incidents. We will assit you to mitigate threat to your network. Typical security problems include frequent virus outbreaks, unauthorized access to sensitive email or documents, unauthorized network usage, or a lack of a well-defined security policy. Bitfield Systems will work with you to determine options to minimize or eliminate the security problems. Our security experts will conduct a thorough examination of your network. Our report will include our findings, detailing the problems, risks, and recommended changes.

Wireless Network

Wireless Networks have become a ‘must-have’ in today’s world. Bitfield Systems Networks can design, implement and support a securewireless network solution best suited to your needs.

Wireless networks can increase productivity and decrease your long-term network maintenance costs. It is easy to setup, scalable, and are significantly less expensive to design and deploy than a traditional, wired network.
However, wireless networking is inherently risky because it sends information over radio waves. Like signals from your cellular or cordless phones, signals from your wireless network can be intercepted.
Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to improve wireless security, and the networking industry is working on even stronger measures, which will become available in the immediate future.

Managed Firewall / Router / VPN

We provide technical assistance to ensure secure network connectivity for internal and remote users by managing and monitoring your firewall, router and VPN devices.

In today's busy world, you need to be able to connect to your network and work at anytime from anywhere. If you or any of your employees need to work from home or on the road, Bitfield Systems can help you implement remote solutions so that working remotely is as seamless and effective as working from the office. We can implement secure connections between your main and branch offices and that allows you to stay connected from any computer connected to the internet.

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