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The attainment of both project success and client satisfaction relies on Planning and Project Management executed by experienced professionals using proven processes and methodologies.

As technology evolves, system upgrades, migrations, and conversions become inevitable. Bitfield Systems will assess your current computing situation in order to develop and execute a plan for a smooth evolution of your existing environment to newer technology. Our IT Consulting services and solutions have been derived from our experience working with countless small and mid-sized businesses since 2006. Our comprehensive mix of staff, processes and technology address the most commonly occurring issues clients are experiencing with their current technical support provider or internal IT resource.

We provide you the peace of mind, security and freedom to concentrate on managing your business—not your IT infrastructure. Bitfield Systems is your best choice for affordable, high-quality IT support. Whether you're a small start-up or an established business, we offer the most convenient, comprehensive services for all your information technology need.

Our standard solution offering, combined with our Professional Services capabilities comprises that includes the following items:

Proactive Technology Management - Centralized Services

Patch Management
Anti-Spyware/Virus Management
E-mail/Spam Management
Desktop Optimization
Infrastructure Documentation
Remote Backup
Virtual Servers Tuning

Proactive planning allows Bitfield Systems to precisely address issues that could hamper the efficiency of your operations by:
* Defining the client’s vision, needs and expectations for success.
* Minimizing the impact of the Project to minimize downtime
* Address and resolve problems more quickly before they become serious issues
* Identifying and mitigating any potential risk before that risk becomes a problem
* Managing the expectations of clients, team members, and other stakeholders with open communication between our Staff and your team

With these safeguards in place, Projects wont spiral out of control - the end result usually includes spending less money than you had originally budgeted for your IT Project.

Our Professional team will assist your company with installation and configuration of new equipment, major systems/hardware upgrades, virtualization, major network reconfiguration, etc.

In addition, we can help with an office move or relocation, as well as any major software upgrades, Operating System Upgrades, new management systems, database implementations, etc.

We can  be called upon in the event of an unforeseen disaster by helping to recover and rebuild after a flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, pipe leak, power surge/failure, etc.

Are you having problem with your current in-house IT or not satisfied with your current IT support company. We can make your vendor transitioning process a smooth one without downtime.

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Our information technology services are designed to focus exclusively on the unique needs of small and fast growing businesses.