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Virtualization Solutions

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It is time to save!... Go Virtual.

No matter how small or large your company is, the proven technology of virtualization through the implementation of VMware, Citrix or Microsoft Virtualization Server can rapidly and completely transform its IT landscape. You can now improve your IT efficiency, availability, flexibility and infrastructure manageability while actually reducing costs. Bitfield Systems can assist your organization support you virtual environment in both existing and new installations. Leverage our experience with VMware ESX, Citrix Xenserver and Microsoft Hyper-V to take full advantage of virtualization in your enterprise.


Virtualization helps you reduce capital and operating costs while increasing your IT staff’s productivity and responsiveness with better control over desktops, servers, and applications. By fully utilizing your existing resources to improve availability and ensure business continuity, Bitfield Systems can assist in leveraging the power of virtualization. With the combination of virtualization and Bitfield Systems, your company can consolidate infrastructure, go green, and realize unparalleled business continuity, all while reducing your IT costs

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Our information technology services are designed to focus exclusively on the unique needs of small and fast growing businesses.